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Highview Golf Club Testimonials

We always try to get to Highview a few times each year.  Even though it is a lot closer to play in North Bay, the conditions of the greens and the overall atmosphere draws us back all the time.  Thanks!

Rob Massey

North Bay, ON

We have a cottage in the area of Highview Golf Course and have played there summers for almost 30 years or so.  We enjoy the family atmosphere and look forward to coming back each season.  See you soon.

Darren Jones

Barrie, ON

We travel down to the city quite often and the kids can't wait to stop for the fresh cut fries found at Highview Golf Course.  At first, we felt weird stopping at a golf course for lunch then realized we were not the only ones to visit them just to eat.  We only wish they were open all year so we could stop there more often!

Fiona Brown

Timmins, ON

It still amazes us that you continue to let us come and play your course each and every year as bad as we are as golfers.  We have more fun than most and we enjoy the time we have spent with you over the past 10 years regardless on how bad we play.  We look forward to the Steak Dinner that Judith puts on for us on the Saturday, we all know our scores may be bad but our meals are always good!  Thx Dean & Judith :)

The So Called Golfers Group

Port Elgin, ON

I have done a lot of travelling for golf as well as for business and over the years ate a lot of grill cheese sandwiches as they are quick and nutritious.  Never in my years, however, have I ever seen a Gourmet Grilled Cheese until I visited Highview Golf Course last year to play and have lunch.  I was very pleased with the condition of the course and the way it played, but truly amazed with my very unique grilled cheese lunch!  Thanks for enlightening an old fellow on the way to make a real fun sandwich.

Don Collins

North Bay, ON

I wanted to drop you a note to let you know that everytime I come through the area I stop and enjoy your golf course.  The thing I find amazing is that your greens always seem to be in the best shape of any of the course I play  around Ontario and this seems to be the case year after year.  I'm not sure of your secret but keep up the good work as we always look forward to our next visit.

Ron Shefield

Toronto, ON

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