Highview Golf Course; originally a 9-Hole facility, was first purchased by the Harrington Family back in 1986. Des and Betty, with their two children Sheila and Dean, thought a family operated golf facility was exactly what the area needed. The club originally called the Powassan Golf Course was renamed by the family to Highview Golf Course paying homage to the wonderful views, as seen from the elevated clubhouse.

Des always the entrepreneur, had the vision to expand and grow the business immediately so the idea to purchase and develop property adjacent to the golf course was completed. In 1992, an 18-Hole layout was opened. That same year, the family celebrated the wedding of Dean and Judith; with Judith joining the team immediately. Becoming an intricate part of the operation to this day!

Over the next seven years, continuous developments of the design and course layout were completed resulting in the current layout that is played and enjoyed today. The addition of a brand new clubhouse took place in the millennial year of 2000, with continued renovations until today.

From the beginning in 1986 with Des and Betty and the kids, to the present with Dean, Judith, and their children (Cole and Jaye), there have always been constants at Highview. You will always find a friendly atmosphere with great food and a good product. The family tradition of hard work guarantees the course is always in the best shape possible!




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