Highview Golf Course Membership Welcome



Have you ever thought about becoming a Member and if you did so what would it entail?  Being a member has many advantages but none more than the ability to play as much golf as you can for one low price.  That's right play each and everyday if you like and take advantage of the great savings you have over paying our daily green fee rates.  Most people who have Membership play a lot more!


As we mentioned earlier, golf is a very social game and the way to have more fun is to get involved with everything that goes on at the club. League Play with Men's, Ladies', and Couples' Nights, Tournaments, as well as other fun events held at the course are all part of a busy schedule that takes place at Highview. We truly have something for everyone.  Expand your social circles with others who love the same game as you do.  Join now and become a member!


When you join Highview Golf Course as a Member something happens that truly guarantees you enjoyment, you become part of our extended golf family.  Now you may ask what does that mean, and is that a good or bad thing!  As part of our family you are welcome to enjoy our facility as we do and to enjoy it with us.  We want to ensure your feedback is heard so as part of the family we expect to hear from you too. Anything, both positive and negative!


Christmas Rate ~ Adult

Taxes Incl.


Christmas Rate ~ Senior

Taxes Incl. - 60+ (As of June 1st of Current Calendar Year)


Christmas Rate ~ Intermediate

Taxes Incl. - Age 19 to 25 (As of June 1st of Current Calendar Year)


Christmas Rate ~ Junior

Taxes Incl. - Must Be 18 and Under (As of June 1st of Current Calendar Year)


Christmas Rate ~ Couples

Taxes Incl. - (Living in Same Residence/Must Have Same Home Address)


Christmas Rate ~ Senior Couples

Taxes Incl. - 60+ (Living in Same Residence/Must Have Same Home Address)


Christmas Rate ~ Family

Taxes Incl. - 2 Parents, with Children - Under the Age of 18 (Living at Home/Must Have Same Home Address)


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Seasonal Rentals

Club Storage (Individual)

Taxes Incl.


Club Storage & Power Cart Storage w/ Charging

Taxes Incl.


Single Player Riding Cart - 1/2 Ride (Season)

Taxes Incl.


Couples Riding Cart (Season)

Taxes Incl. - (Living in Same Residence/Must Have Same Home Address)


Push Cart Rental (Season)

Taxes Incl.


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Please Note:  If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or input of any sort please feel free to contact us direct by telephone or by filling out the Contact Form below.

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