Here Are 10 Different Ways Tiger's Masters Week Might Play Out

By Golf Digest

We're still waiting to hear about Tiger Woods' plans for the Masters, although we think we have a pretty good sense of where things are headed. Seeing how Woods hasn't played a tournament since August, had two corrective procedures to his back in the fall, and is still not believed to be doing much more than chipping and putting, the odds are strong that he won't be teeing it up next week.

But we don't know this for sure, and given the multitude of traditions that accompany the season's first major, there is a good chance Woods will partake in at least some of the activities at Augusta National Golf Club.

So let's review the possibiities.

Option 1: Woods returns to compete at the Masters, and even contends.

We're not counting on this.

Option 2: Woods returns to compete at the Masters, and it doesn't go well. At all.

Not likely, either, but slightly more plausible.

Option 3: Woods arrives at Augusta National Golf Club in hopes of playing, puts 12 balls in the water, summarily leaves.

Option 4: Woods plays in the Par 3 contest, but has his caddie, 7-year-old Charlie Woods, hit all the shots. Charlie Woods wins the Par 3 contest.

Have you seen the kid's swing? Legit.

Option 5: Woods shows up, announces retirement, subs in for Arnold Palmer as Honorary Starter

Option 6: Woods attends the Champions Dinner, gets into heated argument with Vijay Singh when Singh takes the last roll out of the bread basket, storms out in protest.

Option 7: Woods doesn’t compete, but volunteers to be weekend marker.

Unfortunately, that means no Jeff Knox. Actually, pretend we didn't mention this.

Option 8: Woods flies to Augusta, spends the whole week hanging out with John Daly at Hooters, never makes it to the club.

Option 9: Woods joins CBS broadcast team.

Not totally out of the question. Tiger killed in the booth this year at the Hero World Challenge.

Option 10: Woods never makes it to Augusta.

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