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By Andrew Coppens

You may be pardoned for not knowing the name Andrew Johnston, but chances are you won’t forget it if you were in the same Spanish town as the man known as “Beef” this weekend.

After shooting a 1-under par 70 on Sunday, Johnston became the champion of the Spanish Open on the European Tour. It was his first title on the tour, and in a fashion that would make John Daly proud, he let loose after winning it.

During an interview after the win, the England native let the world know his plans to celebrate — which included “getting hammered” back home.

The 27-year-old apparently knew the win was coming, as he even as let his beard go from close-cut to shaggy in recent weeks.

Before he could think about celebrating the victory, Johnston had to worry about sinking a must-make par putt on the final hole of the tournament. After sinking the short par putt, Johnston put himself in the running towards the final European Tour tournament of the year.

It also gave him a sole reason to speak to the media, and he used it to not only talk his plans after returning home, but towards his weekend in Spain.

“I’m pretty speechless, so happy with the way I’ve played,” he said. “I drove the ball well all week, chipped and putted well all week, I struggled a bit with my irons the first three days but I just kept going and kept digging in and then on the fourth I found something.”

If only more professional athletes were willing to just be honest about their plans after a big victory…right Peyton Manning.

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