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Tiger Woods' Ex-Girlfriend, Ex-Wife Hung Out At The Kentucky Derby!

By Kyle Porter

What a world, this world. While Tiger Woods co-opted some kill strategies he learned on a Halo message board to use on his Xbox, his ex-wife Elin Nordegren and ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn were sipping mint juleps and talking big fancy hats at the Kentucky Derby last weekend.

There was a brief rumor that the two were squabbling over seating (which doesn't make a ton of sense), but Vonn squashed that by throwing this photo out there.

Hopefully Tiger didn't see this and think of what Michael Jordan told Wright Thompson for Thompson's stunning ESPN story.

"He has ..." Jordan told ESPN, "... no companion. He has to find that happiness within his life, that's the thing that worries me. I don't know if he can find that type of happiness. He's gonna have to trust somebody."

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