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First Two Hole-in-Ones of 2016!

Prior makes First Hole-in-One!

The first two Hole-in-Ones at Highview Golf Course were both recorded within the past week. The first was holed out on Wednesday the 27th of July when Collette Prior stepped up to the 8th tee with her Driver in hand. The shot Collette called "flukey" was the one that found it's way to the hole, in one. The 128 yard Par 3 was the location for Prior's first Hole-in-One. The new experience was witnessed by Denise Bryant. The Hole-in-One was hit just before the duo went back out on the course to play Ladies' Night at 5:30.

Hole-in-One on a Par 4? Yes it's Possible.

The Par 4 Second Hole at Highview is a 254 yard difficult drive with water hazards, bushes and a sand trap in play. Garry Payne stepped up to the tee with a Driver in hand with the mindset of hitting a safe shot into the fairway passed the water hazard. He instead easily blew passed the pond and landed just right of the left-side bunker approximately 15 yards short of the green. However the ball continued and unexpectedly found it's way to the back of the cup. Peter Murray (witness of the shot) said he thought the ball was lodged into the sand trap, not seeing it roll right by. The Hole-in-One that happened on August the 3rd was the first recorded one for Payne at Highview.

Congratulations to both Collette and Garry for becoming this year's first and second Hole-in-One scorers!

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