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Pincivero Scores 2nd Hole-in-One at Highview!

Longtime member Bob Pincivero recorded his second Hole-in-One at Highview Golf Course this past week. On August the 26th, Bob and his group of Jim Curran, Don Renton, and Tom Boyd walked up to the 8th tee playing the usual weekly round with the "Tuesday Boys" group (this time not on a Tuesday!). Pincivero enjoys playing from the Red Tees as he has done for a couple of years now. Hole #8 is a 128 yard long Par 3 in which Bob used his 7 iron to put the ball in the back of the cup. This is Bob Pincivero's first Hole-in-One at Highview since June 13th 2000, which he got on the approximate 170 yard Hole #10. Congratulations Bob!

This brings this year's Hole in One total to 3!

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