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Co-Winners take home Highview 3 Lady Scramble Championship!

Co-Champions: Avery, Larochelle, Deschenes & Rheubottom, Kennedy, Leighton

2019 Highview Golf Course 3 Lady Co-Winners

(Pictured from L-R: Dori Rheubottom, Debbie Avery, Mary Kennedy,

Cheryl Leighton, Janie Larochelle, Sandy Deschenes)

On the morning of this past Saturday, August 17th the season's 3 Lady Scramble was held at Highview Golf Course. Attracting over 120 players to sign up for the Ladies' tournament was a success and we had the field finalized with 123 women teeing off Saturday morning. The course proved to be tough for some but with the outstanding green conditions and generously rolling fairways we had many teams come into the clubhouse under-par! A terrific amount of Ten trios managed to break the Ladies' Par of 72! This year as we were fortunate to have many great scores throughout the field we had two teams finish with the low One-Day score of Minus-4, 68. Becoming the first ever Co-Champions, our 2019 Highview 3 Lady Champions; Debbie Avery, Sandy Deschenes, & Janie Larochelle, and Dori Rheubottom, Mary Kennedy, & Cheryl Leighton. Congratulations to the 2019 3 Lady Co-Champions (pictured above)! This is Rheubottom, Kennedy, & Leighton's 1st 3 Lady win while Deschenes & Avery celebrate their 4th 3 Lady win with Larochelle celebrating her 3rd. As both teams finished in 1st place we held a "Putt-off" shootout type of playoff to determine the final positions for prizes for the top two positions. Using a format known to many hockey enthusiasts in the North we had a 3-Shot round where each team member would putt once using our Men's Night Putting Challenge mat. With many eagerly looking and cheering on, Team Avery/Deschenes/Larochelle edged Team Rheubottom/Kennedy/Leighton, 2/3 to 1/3. Overall, it was quite the exciting finish to an already fun-filled day for the golfers!

We at Highview would like to thank all the players who continue to support our Ladies' Tournaments! Your love for the Kitchen Staff and it's meals throughout the 2 and 3 Lady Scramble Tournaments have been well noted as we hope to have the same great support in the future seasons! With that being said, a big thank you goes to Jude and her staff for everything they do in preparation and execution of each excellent meal throughout the day. Last big thanks to Dean and his crew for the amazing course conditions especially with Dean's top-notch Greens, and to the proshop staff for ensuring another smoothly operated Ladies' event!

We would like to once again thank Trevor Jones and the Rose Bowl Florist family for the wonderful flower prizes and their continued support in our 2 & 3 Lady Scramble Tournaments and Ladies' events all season long!

Full Tournament Results

*Prize Winners in Bold*

Championship Flight -

1st - Sandy Deschenes, Debbie Avery, Janie Larochelle = 68 (Putt-Off)

2nd - Dori Rheubottom, Mary Kennedy, Cheryl Leighton = 68

3rd - Sue Robertson, Jean Cook, Beth Beattie = 69 (R)

4th - Linda Payne, Anne McRuer, Bonnie Tweedle = 69 (R)

5th - Barb Allan, Kerry Caruso, Lori Sheehan = 69

6th - Colette Prior, Denise Bryant, Cheri Prior = 70 (R)

7th - Diane Bednarz, Karen Waller, Natalie Brunette = 70 (R)

8th - Cindy Watson, Jackie Larouche, Jackie Baleny = 70

1st Flight -

1st - Carolyn Bates, Louise Chapman, Bev Maynard = 71 (R)

2nd - Marg Rueck, Ann Oshell, Debbie Renette = 71

3rd - Penny Willard, Peni Paxton, Barb Butler = 73

4th - Phyllis Gault, Sharleen Plarina, Judy Manitowabi = 74 (R)

5th - Louise Dawney, Ronnie Schellenberg, Marg Attridge = 74 (R)

6th - Jane Fry, Kathy Murray, Jackie Bourdon = 74 (R)

7th - Linda Frotten, Kelly Lepkan, Mary Lepkan = 74

8th - Edna Dickieson, Noella Duchesne, Gina King = 75 (R)

2nd Flight -

1st - Silvana Alexander, Kathy Dominico, Sharron O'Bright = 75

2nd - Lesley Broadworth, Rebecca Allen, Jennifer Blake = 76 (R)

3rd - Helen Marson, Ella Cunningham, Larraine Downey = 76

4th - Connie Young, Brenda Bourre, Nancy Prashaw = 77 (R)

5th - Annette Lalonde, Bonnie Young, Yolanda Sauve = 77 (R)

6th - Joan Hale, Cathy McCallum, Patty Callahan = 77 (R)

7th - Linda Lutecki, Lynn MacDonald, Jackie Orlando = 77

8th - Bjorg Winterstein, Karen Winterstein, Hazel Myers = 78 (R)

3rd Flight -

1st - Sandra King, Diana McLeod, Diane Yackobeck = 78 (R)

2nd - Marg Souter, Kelly Young, Sandy Larivee = 78 (R)

3rd - Kim Jardine, Kerry Woodward, Pat Therriault = 78

4th - Kim Vester, Kristin Furino, Deb Robertson = 79 (R)

5th - Cecile Yeomans, Vivian Gebhart, Louise Green = 79

6th - Rita Burns, Carol Reid, Hallie Hart = 80

7th - Barb McKeever, Pam Zygmont, Ann Gauvreau = 81 (R)

8th - Mona Veilleux, Jocelyn Corbeil, Brenda Kmith = 81 (R)

4th Flight -

1st - Joanne Marson, Gwen Schledewitz, Karen Pederson = 81

2nd - Rhonda Parcey, Sherry Stillar, Chris Wendover = 83

3rd - Kathy Carmichael, Judy Duchesne, Connie Russell = 84

4th - Val Sayer, Sharon Galardi, Cheryl Major = 85

5th - Ilda Lamming, Sera Lamming, Donna Jewell = 87

6th - Sandra Shank, Carol Watters, Jeannine McDonald = 89

7th - Leslie Brooks, Dianne Watson, Nancy Birtch = 90

8th - Lucie Lapierriere, Val Lauria, Donna Reise = 96

Other Prize Winners:

Closest to the Pin #8 - Linda Frotten

Closest to the Pin #12 - Ann Oshell

Closest to the Pin #16 - Linda Payne

Longest Drive #11 - Cindy Watson

Longest Putt #18 - Louise Dawney (~37 ft.)

Guess the Candy Jar Contest: Sharon Galardi

Chiropractic Care Gift Cert. Draw (Donated by: Kerry Woodward): Ilda Lamming

As this was the last of the Major Tournaments at Highview in the 2019 season we would like to thank the players in the 2 Man Scramble as well as the 2 and 3 Lady Scrambles for their participation this year! Thank you all!

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