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Ladies' Night Results - 08/31/22

This Wednesday, August the 31st we had our sixteenth Ladies' Night of the year at Highview Golf Course! We had another fantastic turnout this week as Fifty Two ladies teed off in our Half Shotguns at 4:45 and 5:45. The Ladies played the Front Nine for Week #16. It was a great afternoon for golf and #JudeFood for those that came out and joined us. A thank you to those who continue to support our Ladies' Section Nights each week!

Stay tuned for more HVGC Event Updates and Results.

Ladies' Night Comedy Hour Presented by Marg Rueck & Highview G.C.:

A newlywed couple moves into their new house. One day the husband comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, you know, in the upstairs bathroom one of the pipes is leaking, could you fix it?" The husband says, "What do I look like, Mr. Plumber?"

A few days go by, and he comes home from work and his wife says, "Honey, the car won't start. I think it needs a new battery. Could you change it for me?" He says: "What do I look like, Mr. Goodwrench?"

Another few days go by, and it's raining pretty hard. The wife finds a leak in the roof. She says, "Honey, there's a leak on the roof! Can you please fix it?" He says, "What do I look like, Bob Vila?"

The next day the husband comes home, and the roof is fixed. So is the plumbing and the car. He asks his wife what happened. "Oh, I had a handyman come in and fix them," she says. "Great! How much is that going to cost me?" he snarls. Wife says: "Nothing." He said he'd do it for free if I either baked him a cake or slept with him."

"Uh, well, what kind of cake did you make?" asks the husband. "What do I look like," she says, "Betty Crocker?"

Front 9 - Par 37 - Red Tees

Format: 2 Lady Blind Best Ball (Stroke Play/Individual Score - Best Hole Score Taken)

Closest to the Pin - #8 ~ Dori Rheubottom

Longest Drive - #9 ~ Shannon Evans

Raffle Hole: Score: 4 on Hole #7 ($20/Winner)

- Roni Schellenberg

- Angie Proulx

- Priscilla Goulais

- Christine Jardine

- Kim Dubois

1st Flight

1st - Rebecca Allen (42) & Chris Wendover (67) = 41

2nd - Kim Dubois (45) & Kim Devine (58) = 43 (R)

2nd Flight

1st - Ann Oshell (49) & Sheila Boutilier (59) = 46

2nd - Marg Attridge (47) & Jeannine McDonald (61) = 47 (R)

3rd Flight

1st - Jen Leutke (49) & Marg Souter (60) = 48 (R)

2nd - Sandra King (48) & Sherry Stillar (70) = 48 (R)

4th Flight

1st - Noella Duchesne (51) & Nancy Birtch (60) = 50 (R)

2nd - Linda Frotten (54) & Mackenzie Daly (57) = 50 (R)

Note: Prizes will be ready for pickup at the next upcoming Ladies' Night

The next upcoming Ladies' Night is next week (Wednesday, September 7th)

Shotgun Starts at 4:45 and 5:45pm

Format ~ 2 Lady 3-3-3

September 14th - Format: 2 Lady Scramble (LAST GOLF)


Note: The next Couple's Night is this Friday, September 2nd - Shotgun Start @ 5:45pm! Format ~ 2 Person Scramble

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