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Oshell Drains First Hole-in-One!

Yesterday afternoon (Tues. August 22nd) we had our Fifth Hole-in-One of the 2023 season at Highview Golf Course! Out for a round with the family, Member Ann Oshell scored her first ever Hole-in-One!

Due to the recent rain and wet conditions we have dealt with; certain holes have been Modified with Hole #7 being one of them.

On that note, Oshell made her ace from the Red Tees on the 7th hole.

The total distance of the current Par 3 Hole was 105 yards. The witnesses of Ann's Hole-in-One was her playing partners; Husband Doug Oshell & Grandkids - Dax and Drew Oshell. Congratulations Ann!

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Congratulations Aunt Ann!!! Woo whoo!🏌️‍♀️

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